“You Run Your Business; Let Us Take Care of Your Events”

Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities and spark change. At Spotli8, we are an experienced team of event management specialists who know how to plan, promote and run an event that will help you achieve your primary goals and objectives. From event production to fundraising technology services, social impact and customer service, we have got you covered.

Our extremely talented bunch of specialists at Spotli8 is committed to plan and produce effective mode of communication for distinct industries that will cater strategic guidance as well as management from start to finish.

Our Approach:
Our approach at Spotli8 is to furnish any communication such as event management, brand promotion, social media promotion, PR & Media Communications. Entire team at Spotli8 invests their valuable time & effort in pointing out what are the key objectives, taste and preferences of clients. We develop ourselves to boost clients’ mission, approach their goals as if it’s our own and working as a seamless extension of their organization.

Our Objective:
Be it an award ceremony, corporate meeting, an associate conference, a charity fundraiser; our key objective is to provide effective planning and execution of the same flawlessly. We help clients to obtain appropriate mixture of agility and creativity, managerial & organizational efficiency, mastery of detail & communication, and skillful ideas to action.

“When it comes to Events, we do pretty much everything from start to end”. At Spotli8, we are multi award-winning nice people who are seeking great & safe events to happen. Seeing happy customers because of our events is what we all look at.

Being headquartered in Bhubaneswar, Odisha with proficient team members working around the citywide, we can quickly scale to a wide range of client